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Writing Tribute

Why write a Eulogy or Tribute?

Every life is a tale to tell. The story that we leave behind needs to be told and passed on to generations to come. Everyone one of us have the ‘very dear to heart’ story that we would always share about one loved ones who have left us but yet live in our thoughts and in our hearts. The best way to share these stories is to get them imprinted as ‘written word’ to be read and cherished by generations to come. As these imprints will only help bring the best out of future generations as they help them be rooted in the values that makes life a memorable one.

Eulogy helps carry forward the goodness, as the best of the legacies that will be read, understood, followed, cherished and loved.

Writing a Eulogy or Tribute…

Though it may seem easy to write a honest and positive eulogy for a loved one, when the time actually comes it may be hard as you may have to deal with your own grief. Hence it is important to take some time to focus yourself before you begin.

Some simple tips for writing eulogies or Tributes

A eulogy is a most honest tribute that you can offer your loved one, translating all those treasured thoughts into words. These thoughtful words is then treasured in SoulPrints.

So, when you write one…

Include one or two stories about the deceased. A funny story to start the eulogy will help people remember the happiness of the deceased’s life.

Let the reference be always the person who has died and simply by his name.

Mention the circumstances surrounding the death as there will be some that deserve sharing.

Capture the deceased’s important beliefs with quotes from people who were inspirational to him or her.

List some of the accomplishments of the deceased and the differences he or she has made in the lives of others. This is to celebrate life.

Throw light on how the deceased has affected your own life (in a positive way), as well as how his death has affected you. Being honest about your feelings is always the best tribute. An honest eulogy is always more meaningful.

Include the basic facts and information on the departed including such as the profession, the positions held, hobbies and even simple things that him or her happy.

Equally highlight all family members including the ones who may tend to keep a "low profile" without hurting anybody’s feelings but at the same time should respect their privacy too.

Elevate your message to deepen our awareness and to celebrate in appreciation for life.

Pour out your heart as it is the best way to state that the deceased will be missed and will always be loved.

And every soul tribute is always an inspiration not only for the bloodline but also for others.

Having trouble putting all those lovely thoughts down on the paper to get imprinted, just send us all your thoughts as you treasured them in your heart in random order. We will help put them together and send them to you before they gets posted on SoulPrints. You can always make changes, add, etc as the owner of the SoulPrints tribute page.


Every life is a legacy to be left behind and shared with generations to come

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