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Soulprints.. a treasure trove of memories to be shared

SoulPrints: Imprints for eternity

Life is an interesting play and when it ends the best of acts stay on forever.

Every life is a tale to tell and to honour. A story that is interesting, unique and worth preserving. But a story is good only when shared. When it leaves a lasting impression on people’s minds and hearts. We call it the Soul Print. Something precious for generations to read and hold on to, experience the life lived, feel the love to cherish, recognise the passion to imbibe, learn & appreciate the values and remember the life lived.

SoulPrints gives you an opportunity to create a legacy, a ‘tribute’ to your most loved ones. It helps you to treasure all your thoughts and the love that connects you with the departed, and preserve it virtually for eternity. SoulPrints helps you develop a strong bond with your loved ones in times of grief and put together priceless memories. It also lets you invite people to convey and celebrate the departed soul by sharing their thoughts.

SouPrints as a digital platform helps you create your own space to imprint your loved one's life story to be shared for generations to come.

You can upload your eulogy, a tribute, upload pictures, videos and all other details.

You can edit and keep updating them as and when you want.

Share this with your family and friends personally.

Your family and friends from around the world can visit your page and leave a message, share a thought, say it with flowers, light a candle to pay their condolences.

SoulPrints.in will remind you on anniversaries and also your family and friends on your behalf via emails and text.

SoulPrints helps you to create a Tribute page for your most loved pet too, and helps share those unforgettable moments with your family, friends and generations to come.

With the increased reach and rapidly growing habit among humans to look for everything on a digital platform, SoulPrints helps you to communicate the important obituary news to your family and friends. You can place obituary listings / announcements, also say much more than what you will get to say in newspapers and at comparatively low cost.

Other services offered include obituary listings with easy search options and placement of Obituary ads in all leading newspapers in India and around the world. We also offer help to write your Will, contact florists, photographers, caterers and other undertaking services apart from providing plenty of other helpful information and contacts. It also helps you create your own Family Tree page to share & celebrate the bloodline.


To create a perfect digital platform that helps celebrate every life through these etched prints that are treasured and shared with generations to come.

SoulPrints.in is owned by SoulPrints India Media Pvt Ltd, a niche and unique publisher of online obituaries, tributes, pet tributes, family trees and an enabler for other services in India.


Every life is a legacy to be left behind and shared with generations to come

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