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SoulPrints.in is a perfect platform for something precious for generations to read and hold on to, experience the lives lived, feel the love to cherish, recognise the passion to imbibe, learn & appreciate the values and remember the lives lived. Apart from being the only complete platform for Obituary listings in India, SoulPrints gives millions of people an opportunity to create a legacy, a ‘tribute’ to their most loved ones permanently. It helps to treasure thoughts and the love that connects living with the departed, and preserve it virtually for eternity. SoulPrints helps develop a strong bond with the loved ones in times of grief, put together priceless memories, invite people to convey and celebrate the departed soul. These are imprints for eternity.

SoulPrints.in is an exciting, new and rapidly developing online brand that is currently sought after by consumers as a platform for Obituary listings, Tributes, Pet Tributes, Family Tree and comprehensive information on care-giving, pre-planning, writing a will, funeral and grief related articles and support.

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