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SoulPrints Support Desk is here only to help and support you in maintaining your ‘SoulPrints Tribute Pages’ well and updated for generations to come. We've compiled several guides that offer an overview of some of most interesting and important features. You can find useful answers below as the 'How to guidelines' . In case you don't find what you're looking for in the 'How to guidelines' and you can also check out our (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions .

Managing a Tribute

Tribute Management is where you can edit/delete any tribute that you have created or are the administrator of.

To manage your tribute:

Click the ""My Account"" link in the header at the top of the page.

Find the SoulPrints tribute you would like to manage on the "My SoulPrints Tributes" page.

Click the arrow in the "Manage" column for the tribute you would like to edit.


There are two privacy options for your SoulPrints tributes:

Public - Public tributes can be found by searching for a tribute. This type of tribute could also be added to the ‘Featured SoulPrints Tributes’ list when they are paid for.

Private - Private tributes will not show up in search results, and will not be included in the ‘Featured SoulPrints Tributes’ list. These types of tributes will still be accessible to all users whom you share them with (that is they will not be password protected).


This is where you manage your tribute's administrators:

Current Administrators - This shows you all of your tribute's current administrators. You can delete users if you no longer want them to be an administrator. Note that the tribute creator cannot be deleted as an administrator

Add an Administrator - This is where you can add new administrators to your tribute. Enter the email address of the person you would like to include as an administrator for this tribute then click "Add to administrators". Administrators have access to add, delete, and edit all parts of a tribute.

Account Type:

This shows you your SoulPrints current package: 10 years or Lifetime

You can click the "Upgrade Account" button to extend the time your tribute is online. Lifetime accounts are online for life and do not need to be upgraded!

SoulPrint Tribute Details

This allows you to make changes in your SoulPrints tribute / Listings page. By changing this information, you will be changing the information on the tribute homepage and within the story area. Note that you cannot change the web address (URL) of the tribute.

Delete SoulPrints Tribute

This allows you to delete your SoulPrints tribute page. Deleting your page is NOT reversible. If you choose to delete your tribute the tribute site along with ALL guestbook entries, photos, videos, comments and all other information will be removed permanently.

My Account

My SoulPrints Tributes

The My SoulPrints Tributes section shows all tributes that you have created or are an administrator of. You can see when the tribute was created, the expiration date and how many visits it has received.

To modify the SoulPrints tributes information click the arrow under "Manage". For more instructions on managing your tributes see the "Manage a SoulPrints Tribute" section.

My Favorites

The My SoulPrints Favorites section shows all tributes / Eulogies that you have marked as a favorite. Saving tributes as favorites makes finding the tribute quick and easy. You can turn on/off email alerts or remove tributes from your favorites.

Guestbook Inbox

The Inbox is where all of your messages from other users are stored. See the "SoulPrints Guestbook" section for more help on this topic.


The SoulPrints Events section lists all events that you have been invited to. Click the event name to view the event details.

You can also see your event RSVP status. Click the event to change your RSVP.

My Profile

Change email/password

The Change Email/Password section lets you update your login information. Enter a new email address and/or password and click "Save Changes".

Billing Info

The Billing Info section shows your billing history information.

Billing History - This shows you a history of all transactions on SoulPrints. Click to "View Receipt" to print a receipt from a previous transaction.


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