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Handling Grief

Handling grief and moving on…

A normal and natural response to the loss of a loved one is grief. Grieving is common and is not a disorder. Experiencing the death of someone who is very dear can leave you shattered. It can change your beliefs, your personality, your thoughts and even your way of life.

Although it is normal, grief can manifest in a range of unexpected and complicated ways. Some may get angry, some people withdraw further into themselves and some people become completely numb as they go into a shell. Not everyone has the capacity to handle themselves and sail through grief. This is very personal and no one can ever know exactly what one feels during this time of irreversible loss. Time alone does not heal this kind of heartache and hence it depends on what you do during this time. Spending time in bereavement helps us to adjust to loss. This is the time that you learn to cope in your own way.

Grief for some can be very difficult and hurting and may lead to depression. The symptoms can be extreme sadness, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, weight loss and so on. Depression can further lead to feeling guilty, unimportant, confused, and drained out and unable to move on. This may even lead to excessive drinking, using drugs, reckless and violent behaviour and hallucinations. When you experience these symptoms it is always best to consult a therapist or a psychologist. Meditation, praying, spending time with family and friends, pursuing a favourite hobby, dedicating quality time in following your passion such as art, music, sports and other activities can really help one in times like these.

Seeking grief counselling helps during the time of loss too. It helps you open up your emotions and let go. Bottling up sadness actually prolongs the pain and doesn't help in moving forward. Grieving can be difficult and confusing and it differs from person to person.

Grief is a complex feeling and it is important to experience the pain that accompanies grief. This is manifested in numerous ways. Most cry for days, some get uncontrollable, some get angry and unleash their feelings violently too, some lash out by being rude to people around, some get completely coiled in, withdraw from the world and stay locked up, grieve alone. This experience unfolds in many emotions such as sorrow, numbness, anger, longing, guilt, loneliness, despair, lack of interest, irritability, loss of appetite, withdrawal, lack of concentration and aimlessness.

The first step to healing is acceptance. You need to accept the loss. Accepting actually helps you grieve for your loved one and this is an important part of the bereavement process.

The best way to handle grief is to go through this emotional drain smoothly and eventually find ways to move on in life. Though you will always remember your loved one, relive every moment with happiness and thankfulness. You will gradually learn to treasure and share all those wonderful thoughts about your loved one in many ways. One such way is right here on SoulPrints, where we can help you create your own treasure trove for all your thoughts and share them with generations to come. Log on to Create SoulPrints Tribute page to keep the beautiful memories intact.


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