David Prabalanathan

1926 - 1994

A Tribute to you...my dad!

Unbelievably reserved in his nature; questionably calm in his reactions; surprisingly innocent in his understanding; unflinchingly dedicated to his job responsibilities; surprisingly short and inaudibly soft in his incredibly rare conversations; amazingly committed to his 'long and never-missed' daily prayer time; absolutely unshakable in his Faith in God.

That's how simply yet with a lot of difficulty, I can think of personifying my beloved (papa) dad. May be it was my tender age in the beginning and during the later stages it was my youth that kept me too busy to connect with him in a deeper level. Having said that I always wondered how one can ever be so like my dad. As it can evoke adoration to feel his nobility and at times even anger at his unusual calm.

If silence can kill, it really did and as one doctor told me how bottled-up emotions can kill. But without a doubt I know that the most he spoke was with his heavenly Father than anyone around him. He was a prayer warrior.

Full of love and compassion hidden deep down in his heart, he never knew he can actually express them to anyone's notice. But for the very few who knew him well, this was an amazing quality that epitomised his personality.

Adorable was his own unique style of creating rhythm tapping his fingers on the wedges of his knuckles closed on the other hand. Little did I know then, when I saw him do it first, that he was leaving behind that precious talent in me to understand and create rhythm. This has and will always leave me amazingly blessed.

If it takes a big heart to sacrifice for others, this man had a giant heart whose entire life was unthinkably sacrificial in everything that he did for the people around him. And I as his only son always find my heart double up its weight, pushing up that lump in my throat and filling up my eyes with tears, when I think of every little thing that he did to me.

As ever-loving husband to my mom, incredibly caring, always protective and compassionate dad to my sisters, an adorable and friendly dad-in-law for my wife, my dad David Prabalanathan has always been my hero who never made his heroism show, yet...

He was my hero in his patience

He was my hero in his character

He was my hero in his calmness

He was my hero in his innocence

He was my hero in his commitments

He was my hero in his softness

He was my hero in his dedication

He was my hero in his righteousness

He was my hero in his prayerfulness

He was my hero in his faith

He was my hero in his love.

You will always be just as my papa in all my inerasable memories of you. The only reason I see myself completely humbled is I know that you are watching over me with your mightily powerful prayers out there in His presence. I love you dad and will always miss you.

Immanuel Theophles Raj Kumar

David Prabalanathan

Family prints:

- A loving husband to Mary Shakunthala

- A wonderful father to three daughters and a son. Catherine Nirmala, Ruby Florence, Stella Racheal and Immanuel Theophles Raj Kumar.

- A loving dad-in-law to Arvind, Darwin, Victor and Suchi.

- A Grand dad to Lydia, Solomon, Angel, Shirley, Meghna, Jemima and Clement.

- An adorable brother to Jebamani, Rabecca, Rajamani, Somasundram and John

- A silent 'mama' to Bobby, Sukie, Alwin, Shuba, Vallie, Kumar, Pamela, Sheila, Joe, Stephen.

- A friend to many.

Professional prints:

- Joined Southern Railways as a young lad and served till his retirement.

Last Rites

Time :

Date :


11:00 AM


Kilpauk Cemetery, Kilpauk Garden Colony, Kilpauk, Chenna

Soul celebration

Time :

Date :


7:00 PM


10, Railway School Road, Perambur, Chennai

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Miss you Grandpa.

- Posted by : Meghna

You are a nice person sir

- Posted by : SURESH VARMA

You will be missed

- Posted by : SURESH VARMA

Your incredible patience and silent presence prevails with us...always!

- Posted by : Immanuel