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Passed away on August 01, 2009.

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I vividly remember the sizzling day when Leo my little brother came home.  I had just had my first baby who was barely a month old when, my parents much against my wish brought him home.  Now I am no ruthless person to shut my heart to my younger brother. You see he was a great Dane pup introduced to our family by my father as my sibling... !! Now I have already finished growing up with two human brothers.  But my father an animal lover having retired wanted company, and since we have all moved out we can't really protest. That however did not stop me from ranting about dog hair, dog smell and all other unthinkable associated with a puppy. I was surprised at my harsh feelings having grown up with dogs and cats and other wild life at home that people can only dream of.

In spite of it all the first thing I noticed about Leo was he was very gentle. He was not boisterous and mad like most pups are. He had a wise look in his eyes and it was as if he knew my feelings, he kept a safe distance from me and my baby.  I returned back to my parent's home in a year my baby had grown up and so had Leo. God he was huge.  He was so  handsome and caught the attention of everyone. Now I had a new set of worries will he trample my baby. I had nothing to worry while my daughter was born wild and she could be crazy at times... Leo tolerated all her antic. The most memorable being when he patiently let her ride him as a horse many times. He was also a great baby sitter. The minute my daughter tries to leave the room he would bark and that would bring her back to her toys. Leo and my dad shared a special bond which I had grudgingly come to accept.  He never left my dads side except at meal times when my mom was the heroine of his life. Time flew and every one got older. I had another baby. I saw Leo in a different role here. My younger daughter was gentle but she made up for it by constantly sitting close to Leo sometimes resting her head on his body. I have caught her many times talking non-stop in baby language to him. He used to sagely look on.  My dad fell gravely ill and miraculously recovered and then Leo fell ill and during my visit my dad remarked that dogs know when the master is dying and choose to go before that.  I did not pay much attention to this information I left, Leo died my dad fell ill again and very soon he was no more. 

Of all the pets that crossed our household I think Leo was exclusively my fathers dog a gentle friend in my fathers lonely years. I am grateful he was the little brother who kept my parents company. He was a truly amazing uncle to my daughters too. 

Leo my dear gentle brother you are fondly remembered. 

Nisha James

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Immanuel Raj Kumar

Leo...will always remember you as a gentle giant. The pic of you with little M is unforgettable.


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