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Passed away on December 01, 2015.

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A surprise gift for our children, a trusted friend and a protector;
You were a ball of fur, when I carried you home
It was a joy to welcome you into our family -GINGER
The kids loved you and soon you became not just their playmate but a companion
Our home was filled with laughter and was action packed with all your running around
And your attention seeking tactics always kept us in awe.
Even before we realized the little cuddly fur ball grew into a majestic dog
Training and discipline was a priority and you were a fantastic learner
Soon your appearance began to create a flutter among neighbors
"Lion" is what they called you !

You seldom barked, but when you did it resonated
Taking you out for walks was done with pride
As you always made heads turn!
Your "lion" like appearance did not stop anyone from petting you
You were such a darling!

You took care of the house, protected my children
And most often was a silent spectator to the happenings around
Reacting only when necessary and firmly too warding off anything un warranted with a loud and clear bark

I am ever so grateful to you for being part of my family for twelve long years
I always used to say that I have you and there's no worry about safety
You gave the home a new identity-Ginger's house was the reference made
Today we miss you , that bear like stretched out body, the hair all over the house
The majestic yet lazy walk and that bark so loud and so deep....will never be forgotton.

- The Selvams

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Love u jimmi

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Cute Jimmie. I miss u

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Cute dog, sad to know that she died.


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