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Corona Warriors

born on January 01, 1960 and
passed away on July 01, 2020.

Saluting the real Super Heroes.

The fast paced world that we live in came to an unexpected and compelling pause. It took us by a rude shock and for some, very sadly, it turned out to be fatal. Our minds went crazy, asking a thousand questions that may not have answers now. And most of us are still in that state, wondering what’s next.


The pandemic , for some it turned out to be deadly taking precious lives. For some it was a horrific experience going through the recovery process. And for the rest, we may have got lucky, to be left with just anciety.


Over 100 days of never-before lockdown experience, the one thought that clearly defines this challenging period in our lives, is to be thankful to every person who gave us HOPE.


They are, as we proudly called the ‘Corona Warriors’.


It includes all those who sacrificed their life while saving other lives -



Sanitation Workers

Police personnel

and every other Healthcare personnel. 


As our heart goes out for each and every life that was sacrificed, we have no doubt that these are the most heroic lives that left behind unforgettable stories of selflessness to be cherished and shared with generations to come. 


It’s only perfectly fitting to pay our heartfelt tributes to these noble lives. 


The two words  of a simple Thank You from us to these beautiful souls, has the unfathomable power to change, not only our life but also the generations to come. 


Let's do our part by thanking them through our messages, as etched prints to celebrate these lives. 


We are blessed to start this thread of a beautiful tribute to these real super heroes of 2020.


Leave your tributes in the guestbook below.

Guest Tributes

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Thank you...to the real Super Heroes. Every one of these lives will be remembered & celebrated forever.

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Temples , churches , mosques and other places of worship are closed . Nevermind , we see God in the form of Doctors , nurses, sanitation,healthcare personnel and police personnel . Thank you for making our lives safe .

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I bow down to all the frontline workers, risking their own life to save others during this testing times. These are worship worthy souls. They are the descendant of God in Earth.

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They are warriors, no doubt, but victorious ones in a battel -scarred world. I salute their valour.

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Venkatesh Natarajan

Salute to the noble souls who strived to keep us all.safe,while sacrficing their lives and love. My humble respects to them


Every life is a legacy to be left behind and shared with generations to come

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