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B.R. Ambedkar

born on April 14, 1891 and
passed away on December 06, 1956.

In the history of independentIndia, if there is one name that evokes a sense of immense respect, it is thatof B.R. Ambedkar or Babasaheb. He was an eminent politician, jurist, scholarand revolutionist, and was India's first Minister of Law in the JawaharlalNehru government.

He is popularly referred to asthe Father of the Indian Constitution. However, he was more than just anarchitect of the Indian Constitution. He was a believer in equality of humanbeings. His remarkable efforts in the abolition of caste discrimination isremembered and quoted even today. Himself a victim of caste-ism, he fought forthe rights of dalits and the less fortunate members of the society. He causedwaves in the socio-politic climate of the country with his revolutionary ideas.He was a supporter of the reservation system for the lower caste and alsofought for a separate electoral system.

He was considered the bridgebetween the upper and lower classes of society. He believed the unity of thenation would be possible only if the differences in opportunities and attitudesamong people changes. As asocio-political reformer, he had a deep effect on modern India.

He adopted Buddhism during thelater years of his life and encouraged many others from minority backgrounds todo so. SoulPrints salutes your resolute spirit Babasaheb!

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